Held over three 2-hour sessions via Zoom, we will look as a group at how to maximise Castability looking at all elements of the casting process so you can be Comfortable and Confident in who you are as an actor in self-tapes and audition.  Put into practice your full casting potential in a safe environment, learning from each other's feedback and seeing first-hand how completely different interpretations are all legitimate and true.

Session 1: Overview of when having a castability is useful and how to identify yours if you have one, including sharing each other's Spotlight, plus Q&A; Overview of different casting processes, plus Q&A; Overview of how to maintain networking, contacts and profile within the industry; End with setting of a 24-hour self-tape challenge (monologue or duologue)

Session 2 (following afternoon): Group review of overnight self-tapes, and discussion

Session 3 (following week): Mock audition room, as auditionee, reader and panellist; Q&A

⏲️Time: Three x 2-hours

💷Price: £30 (all 3)

👨‍🏫Group size: max 8

📆Next available: tbc

💬Feedback: “I did learn more about my castability and who I can be as an actor, but it went beyond that to self-taping skills, preparation approaches, general workings of the industry and networking”; "I feel so empowered by Andrew gaining incredible knowledge from industry advice, self tapes and mock auditions, together with talented supportive actors."

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Get in the best place for 2022 jobs with a 3-month personal mentoring plan, including monthly group Q&A sessions to share learnings, tips and challenges with peers. 

Three individual 1-2-1 Zoom sessions will be as they suit and cover what they need - e.g. career goal setting, debunking the casting process, CV management, marketing your brand, self-tape practice, audition prep.

⏲️Time: Three x 1-hour 1-2-1 (one each month) and Three x 1-hour group Q&A (one each month)

💷Price: £30

👨‍🏫Group size: 6-8

📆Next available: As soon as demand dictates

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Practice performing interesting and engaging self-tapes, recording three tapes over 2 days.  Record two monologues ahead of the first meeting, including one of your own choosing, and then after receiving feedback and notes, a duologue scene for the second meeting, with live redirection.  In the group option, see how vastly differently others interpret the same material.

⏲️Time: 1-to-1: two x 1-hour; Group: two x 2-hours

💷Price: £20

👨‍🏫Group size: 1-to-1 or group of up to 8

📆Next available: 1-to-1 always; Group: Dates tbc

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As I have already done 500+ times during lockdown(s), but with increased focus - a detailed and personal review of every section with Spotlight (or similar) and how highlighting the right narrative(s) can help you stand out in a pile of submitted profiles to a casting call.

NB Also available for non-actors :)

⏲️Time: 30-45 minutes

💷Price: £10

👨‍🏫Group size: 1

📆Next available: Always

💬Feedback: “Thank you for a really insightful and fun chat - if anyone is looking to speak to a casting director about spotlight CV, headshots, how to market yourself, I would recommend speaking to Andrew!!"

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Mentoring and coaching as is required!  Possibly looking at a monologue or scene, identifying how to reach a particular goal, or a broader question about the industry if you're new or returning.

⏲️Time: 60-90 minutes

💷Price: £15 per session

👨‍🏫Group size: 1

📆Next available: Always

💬Feedback: “Clear actionable advice, a friendly ear, and feedback specific to who I am, where I am and what's going on at the moment"

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NB Please don't let prices be your obstacle, contact me to discuss discounts, e.g. I offer an automatic 20% to anyone I've met in a previous conversation :)

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