Selecting a perfect monologue is about being able to deliver a multitude of nuances, in tone, pace, emotion/intention, volume, eyeline, etc.  These are examples I believe allow that.

MONOLOGUE #1 (Russian Dolls by Kate Lock)

A bin liner. Fuckin’ bin liner! Dat's what dey giv me for my stuff.  Warden goes to me “You never come inside, wiv no bag of your own”. I go “Course I did, someone must of nicked it”. That proper slows things down which is not what I want yeah, cause Mum might be waitin’ outside the gate. And she never waits for no one. They wait for her. That's how it goes wiv Mum. Wiv men... Then the warden, she arks me to sign all da stuff is mine.  Like I can remember?  I wanna get out but I ain’t goin nowhere wiv no bin liner. That ain’t never a good look.  So this Carribean warden, she's on da gate, she goes “Take you this one yung’un”.  It was not my kinda bag, let me tell ya. No way my style. More like some straw basket wiv pictures of fruit an' shit on da front but she is lookin’ straight at me. “Start up ya new life, new style”. So I go, “You want me bring it back yeah? Lissen. I don’t wanna never see it again. Or you. You get me?” Then she gives me this proper serious stare. So I nod ma head and I'm outta there. Into the light.....

Mum wasn't pickin’ up and she weren't nowhere to be seen outside da gates. She ain’t got no car! [......] but that's how it come up, in my head, in colour wiv music yeah. Mum, drivin’ up in some stylish BMW wiv da roof off yeah and Beyoncé like blarin’ out…. And she brakes sudden like and leans over to open da door wiv a tray a doughnuts on da back and her in some new bikini cause we ain’t goin home, nah, we drivin’ to da coast, meet her new friends wiv wine coolers an' beach houses, an', an…

But I'm still standin’ here wiv my fruit bag, don’t know for how long. Then I see Alice, my key social. Her like wavin’ across the traffic tryin’ get my attention.

BULLY MONOLOGUE (by Jim Chevallier)

Did you see how he dressed? How he acted? All the time. In front of everyone. Like, he wasn't even ashamed. Like he thought we should all accept him. Accept him like he was.

Come on. You know what my dad would do if I ever acted half as weird as that kid?

He'd let me have it, that's what he'd do. He'd let me have it good.

Because that's what you do when people don't act like they're supposed to. You let them know it. And how.

I tried too, tried getting in his face. And you know who got in trouble? Me. That's right, me.

Come on. Is that right?....

MALE MONOLOGUE (F*cking Men by Joe di Pietro)

It fuckin’ rocks, doesn’t it?  Gettin’ off in the sauna after you work out.  Yeah!  Hey, are you gay?  I’m not. I’m in the army…

Till like a month ago, I was a normal guy who only fooled around with girls.  But then, I let this lad suck me off – and it was, like, amazing. So then I just started, ya know, foolin’ around with guys, I realized -- wow, this is awesome.  I mean, with girls, you gotta, ya know, take ‘em to dinner first or at least be nice to them.  But with guys, all you gotta do is look at them -- 

Hey, you know what I did the first time I got off with that kid who sucked me?  I totally fuckin’ freaked out.  All right, hitting him was totally fucked up, I know.  But, the next night, right, the next night I went back to see him again.  And the thing is when he saw me, he didn’t run away or nothin’.  And he’s this small little dude.  But it was like if I was gonna hit him again, he was gonna be able to take it.  Gotta respect that.    

So the little dude, right, he had this big mark on his face, this big mark where I hit him.  Must’ve hurt like a motherfucker...  So I told him I was sorry and all – that’s why I came back to see him.  And he said nobody who’s ever hit him had, ya know, come back like me.  Yeah, he’s been hit, few times, but I was the only one who ever came back to apologize and shit.  You know what he said?  He said I was decent.  Yeah.  I said, fuck, first time anyone’s ever called me that.  

John, his name is.  He’s kinda smart, ya know.  Smarter than me.  Which ain’t sayin’ much, I guess.