I am assisting the early casting and development phase of a documentary series looking at the opposing ideas of camaradarie and peer-pressure in sports teams, specifically at this point men's university rugby although this may expand.


If you have any stories to share about either aspect of sport at university, the team would be delighted to hear from you!  I then expect the team to arrange some virtual meetings to discuss possible narratives they may take forward.

Any supporting material you may have to support any story, we will of course treat anything provided in the strictest confidence.

Please email to express interest or to share a story.

*UPDATE* We are also now keen to hear from anyone who's taken part in either a naked charity calendar or charity Full Monty.


If you would like to be considered for an 'acting' role in a reconstruction scenario then I'd also be delighted to see a self-taped audition - please use the second 'bully' monologue on and email your recording to

Any supporting material (images, links, video) should be sent to